Saturday, April 1, 2017 • 4:00-7:00 pm
Dionne's OM Yoga Studio • 607 Bemidji Ave N

RSVP by Wednesday, March 29th to Dionne at (218) 766-9262 or by email. Join the celebration - there will be food and drinks.

Guided Meditation
2 hours - $10

Feb 10, Mar 16 @ 6pm in Bemidji

Feb 17, Mar 24 @ 6pm in Walker

Please register to save a spot.

THAI Yoga Couples
Cost: $50 per couple

Friday, Feb 17 @ 6pm in Bemidji

Please register to save a spot.

2-Hour Yoga
2 hours - $10

Feb 12, Mar 19 @ Noon in Bemidji

Feb 18, Mar 25 @ 8am in Walker

Please register to save a spot.

FOR 5 MONTHS (Jan-May)

Date: Feb 10 & 11, Mar 24 & 25, Apr 21 & 22, May 12 & 13
Time: Fri 4-6pm & Sat Noon-2pm
Cost: $225 / Total Students: 10 students
Register only by email or phone.

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Dionne's OM Yoga Studio - Thai Yoga Bodywork Yoga

DionneThe OM Yoga Studio offers people a semi-private and warm space in which to practice yoga. The soothing environment will enhance and inspire your yoga experience. The instructor is highly trained and offers students a safe and gentle approach to their practice.

Thai Yoga Bodywork (Nuad Boran) is available at the studio. Dionne is the first (and so far only) fully certified Thai Practitioner in Northern Minnesota.

If you are interested in joining Dionne's mailing list, please send her your email address:

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